Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gowns Pleated

Well, I finally got the gowns pleated today.  It took me much longer than I think it should have.  Next time I will just narrow serge the seams rather than roll hemming them.  I have 10 gowns pleated, 3 size 6 month bishops with no intended recipient, and 4 gown fronts traced for embroidery.  They all need final construction, but I can do that later in the summer.

I'm not sure what the final trick was in pleating them.  I still broke a needle about every other gown, but the bishops went through easily.

So I am going to get my list back to 5 for this week.  Here it is in no particular order:

  1. Clothing Protectors
  2. Summer dress for Axelgirl.  There are several choices for this.
  3. Summer shirt for mom
  4. New nightgown for mom
  5. Stitch up Make a Ladybug Wish.  Still debating on size.  Will do either a 3 or 4, using Pitter Patter Betsy.  I had the pattern name wrong yesterday.
Since there are still several good hours left in the day, I think I am going to go see what I can do for ME!  I have several nice peices of fabric waiting to be sewn up.  I'm thinking a new shirt, if I can't make a decision on that, it will be a nightgown.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pleating Grady Gowns

Today, I spent a lot of time getting Grady Gowns ready to pleat.  I managed to cut out and construct to the point of pleating 10 large gowns.  I was rather excited, thinking I could pleat them up and finish the construction this weekend, then find thread and plates to bag them and set aside for June after my knee surgery.  For once, I actually did what I planned on.

The first one, I had 9 1/2 space rows, starting one row from the folded edge.  I lost 6 needles.  The next one I had 8 1/2 space rows and lost one needle.  The fabric is Imperial Batiste from Farmhouse Fabrics.  I just recieved it this week.

I'm hoping to get some suggestions on how to prevent breaking needles.  I want to get these wrapped up and ready to go.  I also found three bishops, size 6 month, my Aunt wanted me to help her on last year, ready to pleat, so I have added those to the pile to pleat and smock while resting my knee.

This week I did finish smocking Make a Ladybug Wish, and attempted to finish Mice to See You.  That was a real oldy.  I ended up throwing out Mice to See You, as there were several errors I couldn't work around, from being picked up and put down so many times.

I also semi organized my floss.  Not sure it is the best method, but it is better than what I did.  I also found to woven baskets in lavendar on clearance at Michaels to store the floss on.  For the DMC I have 9 boxes of the embroidery floss storage on bobbins.  I really don't like this method, but it is the best I have come up with.  The other flosses are in various size plastic containers by type. Floche, solid silk, overdyed silk, overdyed cotton, perle cotton, odd stuff, etc.

Taking away from my sewing time was that I cleaned out and painted the inside of two closets this week.  Axeldaddy and Axelgirl don't get why I painted them, but believe me they needed it.  They figure if no one sees the inside, there is no point.  I also want to get the Master Bedroom Closet and laundry room painted before my surgery.  I had planned on painting a good part of the interior of the house this summer, but those plans have been derailed.  I have a lot of things I want to get done before hand.  I have 3 weeks before my appointment when he goes over the recovery.  I want that NOW, so i can better plan.  He did mention at my last appointment that overdoing it is one of the big problems with cutting out the torn meniscus, so I am determined not to let that happen.

For this week my priorities are

  1. Finish up Grady gowns, and make a few ready to embroider gowns
  2. Determine what size for Make a Ladybug Wish, I'm thinking I will use Pitter Patter Paige.  If I remember right, that had smaller armholes that MaryDe.  My neice will be three in July, so I may go with a three, but Axelgirl wants me to make a  7 for Mini Axelgirl.  I just don't think she would wear it.
  3. Clothing Protectors
  4. Summer dress for Axelgirl.  We have several choices to go with.
  5. Nightgown for me
  6. Summer shirt for me

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Busy 3 weeks

Can't beleive it has been 3 weeks since I updated.  A lot has happened during that time, along with a little sewing.  Nothing much to show for it.

During this time, we had 3 busy weekends.  Circuit Championships for Winterguard (Scholastic Open Champions for MCCGA), Axelgirl testing the Silver Tango and passing, this completes her Silver Dances.  She will begin testing Pre-golds next month.  Both in the same weekend.  The next weekend was WGI Worlds for Winterguard-they were finalists in Scholastic Open.  This required traveling to Dayton, Oh Wednesday through Friday, and three performanaces.  This weekend was Prom, which had 4 dresses altered.

During this time, I also found out that I have to have knee surgery for a torn meniscus on my right knee.  The preliminary expectation is one week on crutches, and then another month for full recovery.  I have put it off until after the school year, and will have the surgery on June 6.  This effectively kills any plans for a vacation. I have also decided the internet can add to your anxiety levels.  Looking on line, I seem to find a lot more incidents of slower recovery, than faster recovery.  He should just be snipping out the damaged part, rather than a repair.  If anyone has any experiences with this, good or bad, I'd love to know.

So here is some of the sewing I have done.

The Silver Tango Dress-Lots of crystals.  Also added crystals to the bodice.  This was really the first time I had glued a significant amount of stones on a dress.  My confidence in this went up, but I still prefer hotfix.

I had 4 prom dresses to fix.  Axelgirls, and 3 of her guardies.  Two were hem and strap adjustments, but I only have pictures of the one dress, another was add straps and hand bead the straps to match the beading on the waistband.  Axelgirls was straps and hotfix crystals on strap and bodice.

Hand beaded straps-I lucked out, and Hancocks had almost a perfect match in color.  Not in fabric, but I made it work.
 Below you can see the Waistband that I was to match, next to the beading I did.  I had to use hotfix crystals, as I couldn't find sew on crystals in the settings.
Axelgirl's dress.  In my opinion, she was the prettiest one in her group, but I might be a bit biased.  :)  All of the girls looked lovely. There were about 7 girls, and 2 had dates.  I actually felt sorry for the boys, being with that group being so outnumbered.  Dress is Cinderella Blue in taffeta and it looks like someone dumped iridescent glitter.  Some of the pictures don't show the color well.  A friend from work did her hair, and it was perfect.

Back of head

Front/top of hair.  The crystal chain is what I cut off of the dress.  It looked cheap and kept sliding under the top.

 My favorite picture from the evening.  I actually had some printed at CVS

 Bodice closeup
Shot of the guard girls who went with this group.  Besides Axelgirls dress, the lavender one, and the coral one are two of the ones I did.  No picture of the third one.

After reading about the surgery online and the concern that I may be on crutches longer than a week, I have been working on a few things for that.  New hand covers, and top thingies (these need to be redone), and some pockets to carry a water bottle, debit card, phone, etc.  No pics yet, as I tweak them.  They are based on a lot of things I saw on line, to fit my needs.

For my top 5 or maybe 6-Not sure whether I will follow this or not.

  1. Finish smocking Make a Ladybug Wish, then will need to construct.  Not sure what pattern, or size even.
  2. Work on Wee Care-  I hope to have a bunch rts and ready to embroider before my surgery.
  3. Clothing protectors
  4. Summer dress for Axelgirl
  5. Nightgown for me
  6. Summer shirt for me