Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review

Based on what I have in my blog, and a few things I remember doing but not documenting, I have completed 139 pieces in 2014.  I wonder how 2015 will compare.

Here is the breakdown

Guard Flags-14

Machine Embroidery Projects-49
     This can include anything from a quick easy stitch out, to something more complicated like the coin purses I did for the guard.

Smocking/Embroidery on Wee Care gowns-5

Construction of Wee Care Gowns, does not include smocking or embroidery-14

Construction projects, does not include smocked items, may be clothing, pillowcases, skate dresses, etc, some projects also had Machine Embroidery but are not counted in that total.  Also does not include doll sized items.-30

Smocked Construction-3

Crochet -3

Hand Embroidery-2


Doll Clothes-7

Quilt, width of a double, length of a king, hand quilted-1

Not sure what my big projects are going to be this year.  I don't have to make flags anymore, won't be making things for the guard goody bags. So I need to think about what I want to do.  Maybe practice my technique on doll clothes, more Wee Care for sure. I'd love to be able to make patterns fit me, but I'm hoping to loose some weight first.  Finish up my kits from previous classes?  Who knows.

For now, my next top 5  are

  1. Finish practice dress and matching doll dress for Mini Axelgirl.  Her mom bought the fabric about 2 months ago, so I really need to get it done.
  2. Construct nightgown for me that is already smocked.
  3. Alterations/Mending that need to be done
  4. Finish up Wee Care projects that I have.
  5. Find things to ME.  I switched to Embird about 2 weeks ago, and haven't had much chance to use it.  The computer I was previously using with out of date software finally died, and I had to do something about it.  Axeldaddy had been pushing me to make a decision for a while, so hopefully this will work out.

Happy New Year

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Final projects for the year

I have been in a sewing crunch lately.  I put things off until the last minute.  I really want to make time to sew at least three times a week next year.  There are lots of other goals as well, but that is the only one that pertains to here.  I am going to count these as the final projects for the year.  There are a few more things in progress, but I will add them to the January information.

Below are the projects I have finished since my last post.  I need to do better about keeping up with posting, and sewing.

First is the test dress for Mini-Axelgirls first USFS test, pre-preliminary moves.  Fabric is from Spandex House.  Pattern is based on Kwik Sew 3508 size 10 with the hip seam and skirt redrafted.  The back neckline was scooped lower to accomodate the criss cross straps.

Below is one of the two dresses I made for my 4 yo niece for Christmas.  All fabrics were from Joanns.  Pattern is Pink Fig Vintage Jane, which has been discontinued.  You can find it on Amazon and Etsy right now.  She was given a pair of red leggings to wear with it.  I did ME her brother a tshirt to coordinate, but forgot to take a picture.  I have seen some pictures on FB, of him in the shirt, and would show those, but they don't show the ME really well.

This is the coordinating doll dress for the above dress.  I drafted the pattern using one with an elastic neckline and raglan sleeves from on of the Big 3 pattern companies.  I'm hoping she got some use out of these.

The second dress for my niece was a Mary De, smocked with Janet Gilbert's Snow Queen.  I had to do the smocking twice, as the first time the sisters did not come out the same height.  This was due to operator error, not the plate designer.  I also made a coordinating doll Mary De with a crown from Designs by Juju.  Dress fabric was from Joanns, applique fabric is from a stretch hologram scrap I had.

This was a quick and simple fob I made, though it was my first time working with vinyl.  It was from Bean Stitch.  My trimming could be a little neater, but Axelgirl was very pleased with it.  Red and Black are the colors for UCM.  Of course Axeldaddy didn't understand why I had to buy $25 worth of snaps and snap tools for one small project.  She currently has this attached to her guard bag so she can identify it from the rest of them when they are all piled together.
Next are some doll skating dresses made for Mini Axelgirl for Christmas.

This doll dress also had a matching dress for MiniAxelgirl but it must have escaped the sewing room without being photographed.  I tried a new to me pattern for the base for the doll skating dress Lee and Pearl 1055.  I was quite pleased with the fit.  Of course, I made my modifications to the pattern to match the style I was looking for.  Pink Fabric is "Lipstick" milliskin from  The print is one I had scraps of.  Luckily I had enough to do both the doll and girl skating dress, as they were out of stock on the fabric I really wanted to use, and didn't find out until it was too late to order a different fabric.

This matches this dress made as a competition dress for Salsa music.  Again, I used the Lee and Pearl pattern making slight tweaks to the skirt pattern, so it could be cut out as a full circle so the mesh would not have side seams.  I want to make a few more changes to the skirt pattern and make that the standard one I use for the dolls, as most dresses I make for girls have a circle skirt with no side seams. 

Not for Christmas, but MiniAxelgirl needed some new skating pants as well.  These are made from Jumbo Spandex from Spandex House.  This has less lengthwise stretch, but plenty of cross wise stretch, and is a heavier than standard spandex.  Peace sign accents were from scraps I had.  Both this and the heart print scraps were probably from Spandex House 4 years ago when Axelgirl was doing track and cross country.  They would run in Sports Bras and Lycra shorts on Friday so I made her several sets.
Next is a shirt I did for Mini Axel Girl.  The shirt is from Blanks Boutique with the design from Lynnie Pinnie and using their Strawberry Limeade font to add her name

I also did a ME monogram on a jacket a friend was giving to her daughter.  Colors are not showing up real well.  It is a neon yellow with gray monogram.  I used the 2 1/2 inch font from here. Vine Interlocking Monogram

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A few finished projects

I haven't updated in a few months, as I really haven't been sewing.  I had two projects I was working on, that were pretty labor intensive.

First was a tshirt quilt for Axelgirl.  There are 48 tshirts on this quilt.  It is the width of a full size, and the length of a king.  The tshirts are interfaced with cheap Joanns interfacing before construction, and the sashing is plain cotton.  I would estimate about 200 hours in this project.

Next was Sky Blue by Gail Doane from her book Sew Cute Couture.  I did it in the fabrics as pictured in the book.  I made it for MiniAxelgirl, and made a size 8, but it may be a tad big.  I didn't get to see it on her tonight. I did do the flowers on the collar with an extra thread to make them heavier.  I didn't like how they looked as the book told me to do it.  The dress took longer than usual to construct, do to the faggoting and a few other things.

My next top projects are:

  1. Skating dress for MiniAxelgirls first USFS test.  Fabric is ordered, and the style is pretty straightforward.  Just need to redraft the pattern, as she has grown since last Christmas
  2. Christmas present for my neice.  I am using Janet Gilberts Snow Queen smocking plate, and she will be getting the Ice Skating Elsa doll as well
  3. ME a tshirt for my nephew with a Christmas theme.
  4. Pink Fig Vintage Jane dress in Christmas prints for my neice
  5. Skating pants for MIni Axelgirl

Other thoughts include, matching doll dress for MiniAxelgirls last competition dress, matching doll dress for MiniAxelgirls test dress, night gown for me, wee care gowns, and who knows what other projects

Monday, July 7, 2014

Onesie PJ's

Not sure how else to title this.

Axelgirl found a pattern for onesie pj's last time we were in the fabric store.  McCall 6251  While  I wasn't jumping up and down at the thought of making them, I try to operate by the thought process if she asks me to make it, I will try.  There are very few opportunities to sew for her.

The reviews on were definately favorable, I had several issues with it.  First, I didn't like the way the zipper went in, so I did my own thing.  Part of the problem was I had a hard time finding the correct length zipper, and had to use a seperating jacket zipper.  If there is a next time I would also leave the back seam open until the zipper is in to make it easier to stitch it down.  My fleece had enough stretch according to the pattern, but would not stretch enough to make the cuffs.  I ended up cutting a tshirt I had stashed that was close enough in color to use.

As far as sizing, I made a medium, and it is a little big.  I think I could go down a size.  The cuffs on the arms and legs are two big as well.  I think the arms and legs could be tapered in a bit and made to fit more like the purchased ones.

She chose a purple fleece, for this one we used some Joanns fleece that was on sale for 2.99/yard.  She aslo had me applique a  butterfly in a black/gray polka dot print.  Not what I would have chosen, but oh well at least she didn't ask for matching doll ones.

I also finished another crochet washcloth.  I've been working on them when I am too tired or distracted to do anything else.

My next top projects are:

  1. Adorable Heirlooms Sew Along, I'd like to have the pattern traced by July 14
  2. Tshirt quilt.  Just need to do it in small steps, not something that can be finished at once
  3. Matching doll dress for MiniAxelgirls last skating dress.  I am going to try and have it done by her competition July 19
  4. Hem a skating dress for Axelgirl by July 18
  5. Nightgown for me
  6. Finish Wee Care gown 1
  7. Finish Wee Care gown 2
  8. Get sewing room in decent shape, including closet, returning guard flag fabric and patterns to school

Saturday, July 5, 2014

And the theme is Ariel

As mentioned in an earlier post, my niece turned 4 this week.  Axelgirl and I decided to go with a Mermaid/Ariel theme for her presents this year.  Of course there was a purchased toy to go with it, but I made her two dresses and coordinating doll dresses to go with this theme.

First is a Childrens Corner Frannie.  Both fabrics are from Joanns, outer is a novelty cotton print with mermaids in bubbles, and it is lined with their broadcoth in hot pink.  The coordinating doll dress is from Joan Hinds book Sew Todays Fashions for 18 Inch Dolls.  It is the denim dress with butterflies, without the bottom ruffle.  I forgot to buy extra fabric for this so was woring with scraps.  I had intended to add extra width under the arms and gather it in to resemble the Frannie but my scraps were to narrow.  I should have lengthened the dress as well.  It will be fine on her Bitty Baby but as she gets other dolls, it may be too short.

Next is a Childrens Corner Mary De smocked with Crosseyed Crickets Mermaid Playground.  I changed the colors to match Ariel and Flounder.  For the doll dress I just scattered 'Flounders' at various positions in the smocking.  The Doll pattern is from Children's Corner Dolly Wardrobe.  I always forget that the smocking starts lower on the doll Mary De as compared to the Childs version.  This would be an easy redraft if I would remember it early enough in the process. Fabric again is from Joanns but it pleated and smocked wonderfully.

Now I'm down to 9 things on my list.  I'm thinking this afternoon I will spend some time picking up and organizing, and maybe cut down the tshirts a bit for the quilt.
  1. Adorable Heirlooms Sew Along.  I'd like to have the pattern traced by July 14
  2. Tshirt quilt.  Just need to do it in small steps.  Not something that can be finished at once.
  3. One piece pjs for Axelgirl
  4. Matching doll dress for MiniAxelgirls last skating dress.  I am going to try and have it done by her competition on July 19.
  5. Hem a skating dress for Axelgirl, needs to be done by July 18
  6. Nightgown for me
  7. Finish Wee Care Gown 1
  8. Finish Wee Care Gown 2
  9. Get sewing room in decent shape, including closet, and returning guard flag fabric and patterns to school.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Draw String Bag

This evening I worked on the drawstring bag I had promised Axelgirl.  I used the instructions I had written up here.  Draw String Bag Tutorial The only differences were I was making just one, I put the embroidery embellishment on the main color of fabric, and did not have the small strip of accent color.  This took about 1 1/2 hours for the completion of one bag.  Fabric is quilting cotton from Joanns.

Close up of embroidery design.  Design is from here: Color Guard Embroidery Design   I used the 5X7 .pes format, and did all of the embroidery in black, as her school colors are Red/White/Black.

I'm just going to make it my top 10, and then narrow it down to 5.  Hopefully I can get a few things finished up and stay on top of things.

  1. Finish niece's birthday present.  They are pretty much done, just need a good ironing and to be shipped off.
  2. Stay on time for the Adorable Heirlooms Sew Along.  I'd like to have the pattern traced by July 14
  3. Tshirt quilt for Axelgirl.  She has picked out the tshirts she wants, now to just do it.  Definately not an evening project
  4. One piece pajamas for Axelgirl
  5. Matching doll dress for MiniAxelgirls last skating dress.  I decided tonight to try to have it done by her competition on July 19.
  6. Hem a skating dress for Axelgirl.  I actually purchased one, thinking she would get several uses out of it, but it looks like there will be just one.  Needs to be done by July 18
  7. Nightgown for me
  8. Finish Wee Care gown 1
  9. Finish Wee Care gown 2
  10. Get the sewing room in decent shape, not perfect, and get some of the old guard flag fabric back up to the school.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Catching up..........

Well it has been a long time since I posted anything, and honestly, not much sewing has been going on until about a week ago.

Here are the long overdue pictures of the photo album:
In the hoop design here
I did change the wording to the name of the guard show this year.  I found the photo albums to cover in the party section of Walmart.  They were about $1.00.  Another mom provided pictures from the season for the albums.  Sorry the photos are upside down.

I also did some towels for Axelgirls graduation party.  I can't remember where I bought the design from.  The design looks a little wonky as it has been washed.  It did lay flat originally, but I was in a hurry and didn't preshrink the towels.

I finished the coordinating pieces for the Le Jardin Sewing Box that I posted earlier, but still don't have them framed, or ironed.

While not much I also crocheted a dish cloth.  The ones I did about a year ago are starting to fall apart.

That is all the sewing I can thing of that I have completed.  I have several in process things

I am currently working on two dresses with coordinating doll dresses for the 4th birthday of my niece. I hope to have these done this weekend, as her birthday was July 2. Pictures will be posted after she recieves the gift.

I have started a sew along with Sew Adorable, for Gail Doane's Sky Blue, I have just finished the embroidery which wasn't scheduled to completed until July 14 for the sew along. I am using the fabric as shown in the book, Sew Cute Couture.  Hopefully the dress will fit Mini Axelgirl when completed.

I have a nightgown pleated for me out of Liberty of London that needs finished smocking/embellishing, and construction.

I also have to Grady Gowns/Wee Care gowns from Spirit of St. Louis Smockers to work on.  One is partly smocked, and needs finishing along with construction.  The other needs smocking and construction.

Obviously based on above, I need to become focused to become more productive.  I have changed my top projects based on requests/needs/changes.  Hopefully some older items will reappear in the future.

The top 6 currently are:

  1. Finish niece's birthday present.  There are two dresses for her, and two for her dolls.  At this point I have given up on the bsy for her, but if I have time this weekend, will add it.
  2. Drawstring bag in UCM colors for Axelgirl to keep her guard stuff in
  3. Stay on time on the Adorable Heirlooms Sew Along
  4. T-shirt quilt for Axelgirl
  5. Axelgirl loves one piece pajamas, so I have a pattern to try and make her one
  6. Matching doll dress for MiniAxelgirls last skating dress
  7. Hem a skating dress for Axelgirl by July 18 for a test session