Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Snow Days.......

We had two more snow days this week, well actually one snow day and one cold weather day.  Because of this I was able to knock two more things off of my list.

First was I finished the embroidery on the Le Jardin Pin Cushion.  Now I just need to get both pieces framed and hang them up.  I will have them matted and framed to match the Sewing Box Cover and hang them together in the Master Bathroom.  I don't have a picture of it, I must have forgotten to take one, and it is waiting to be pressed after washing right now. I'll share pictures after it is framed.

Next I was able to finish a robe for me.  Pattern was Butterick 5537.  Robe was made from JoAnns terrycloth, and I made the lapels in a contrasting seersucker that I had already had.  Pattern called for lapels to be of same fabric, but I don't know when the last time I followed a pattern completely was.    I also added inside ribbon ties, more like you would find in RTW, pattern did not call for these, but I like them to help keep my robe closed.Construction was easy.  Fit was so so.  I cut a good 6" off of the sleeves. Unless you are 7ft tall, or plan on cuffing the sleeves, I think they would be to long on anyone.  I had the same problem with the robe I made for Axelgirl from a different pattern.  I also think the armhole is too big/hangs to low.  I would like the top of my robe to be a bit more fitted. a little wider than I would like also.  The belt is to wide as well, along with the adjustments I had to make towards belt loop placement, it is a bit awkward with the pockets.  Definitely has the home-made look instead of handmade. Overall, it is comfortable and will get a lot of use.

About a month or so ago, I promised pictures of the Winterguard Flags.  Well this weekend was our first competition, so I can now share, as they have been debuted.  

First is the gray set.  There were 8 in this set.  2 each of 4 different shades of gray.  It was hard to get a good picture of them.  Each flag has a branch with thorns appliqued onto it.  Then I had to cut away the gray under the purple and fray check all the edges, so that the flag look uniform on each side.  Keep in mind this is poly china silk, so it was not a fun process at all

   There were 14 to make of the blue set.  Each blue flag has an inset of same color blue lame creating a triangle inside the flag.  These seams are made similar to a flat felled seam.

 Here is a picture of Axelgirl after the competition.  She has naturally curly hair, and they have to straighten it for each competition.  I think she looks beautiful, and the seamstress did a wonderful job on the costumes.

My next top 5 are this, I think:

  1. Work on wee care.  I have 8 gowns that need finishing up with smocking/embroidery/etc.
  2. PJ pants for me.  I was really hoping to have enough of the seersucker fabric to do this, but I did not, so I will use other fabric I have on hand.  I have several choices in mind, including Ice Skating Hello Kitty.
  3. Pinafore to go with doll dress that is constructed.  Years ago, I shadow embroidered a bird carrying balloons (cuter than it sounds), with this in mind, and never got the pinafore made for Bitty Baby.  I've been looking for a pattern, and think this might work with modifications. Dress with Pinafore
  4. Construct a BSY that is already smocked.  A UFO about 2-3 years old with no one to wear it anymore.  I'll probably make a size 4 and give it to my niece on her birthday.
  5. Silk shirt for me.  I want to start doing more sewing for myself, and this is a way to start.  I need to become better at alterations, as patterns do not fit me well.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

PIllow Covers for the great room

What a quick and easy project.  Our new sectional and chair came with 5 pillows.  I really didn't like the pattern on them, but it was right before Thanksgiving, and I really didn't have time to mess with it.  I think total I spent about 3 hours and $30 on the project.  I am not 100% sure I like the fabric as much as I thought, but it will be an easy change out if I decide to change them again.  Plus I'm thinking I may make some Christmas ones for next year, since I made them removable.  Machine embroidery, velvet, novelty prints, or probably just a mix of ideas, but I'll worry about that closer to Christmas, no need to plan ahead.  Well maybe I can plan, but Idefinately don't have to start on them yet, there's plenty of time.

Here are the original pillows. No this is not a black and white photo.  Not only did I not care for the print, it was too monochromatic.  The couch is a medium dark mushroom gray, not quite grey, but not brown either:
 This is a picture we already had in there that I was trying to work with.  I couldn't find fabric in the colors I wanted.  I thought what I bought would match better, but the blues in the fabric is more dominant than I thought, and there is no blue in the picture.  I would love to find a fabric that incorporates the purple/magentas but no luck yet.
 Here is one of the finished pillow covers on.  Not the best match, but I do like them better than what we had.  One thing I would change is I did not line them.  Even thought it is decorator fabric, because of the light background, it could have been lined.  On a positive note, they can come off and be machine washed, unlike the ones that came with it.  I'll keep looking for better fabric, but until then, I like these better.

My next top 5 items are:
  1. Embroidery on Le Jardin Pin Cushion.  I started this last night, but need to redo.  I placed the design to close to the edge.  Once this is complete I will have it and the needle book cover framed and display with the Sewing Box Cover from a previous post.
  2. A robe for me. I have purchased supplies and just need to pick a day to do it.  It will be baby blue terrycloth, with the lapels in a pastel seersucker I have.
  3. Nightgown or pj pants from the seersucker fabric to match the robe.  I need to see if I have enough fabric, but I thought it would be fun to have a 'matching' set.
  4. Make a pinafore to go with a doll dress that is constructed.  I need to see if a pattern is available commercially, or I will be drafting one.
  5. Construct a BSY that is already smocked.  It is a  UFO about 2-3 years old with no one to wear it anymore.  I'll probably make a size 4, and give it to my niece on her birthday.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A few things done

What I have accomplished since my last post.

I picked up my framed Le Jardin Sewing Box Cover.  Here it is below.  I chose a simple white frame, and an olive green bottom mat with a purple top mat.  Pictures aren't all that great but here it is.

I have prepared 7 Wee Care items for smocking or embroidery.  2 Grady Gowns, 2 Ginger Snap Raglan Sleeve gowns with bias neckline, 2 Ginger Snap Raglan Sleeve gowns modified to fasten with a drawstring, 1 Ginger Snaps Kimono Sleeve Gown. Some already have some embroidery started from earlier this summer.   I also found a bonnet, most likely from a Saga Convention making a total of 8 Wee Care items to work on.

I've also finished the embroidery on the Le Jardin Needlecase.  Once I finish the pin cushion, I will have both framed, and hang next to the Sewing Box Cover.

My next top 5 include:

  1. Embroidery on Le Jardin Pin Cushion.  Once this is complete, I will have it framed and display with the Sewing Box Cover above.
  2. A robe for me.  I have purchased supplies, and just need to pick a day to do it.  It will be baby blue terrycloth, with the lapels in a pastel seersucker I have.
  3. Pillow covers for living room.   I just need to do it.  I really don't like the pillows that came with the sofa, but Axelgirl and Axeldaddy don't like the fabric I purchased.
  4. Make a pinafore to go with the doll dress that is constructed.  I pulled it out earlier this week to work on, but did not have a pattern.  I need to see if one is available, if not, I will be drafting one.
  5. Construct a BSY that is already smocked.  A UFO about 2-3 years old with no one to wear it anymore.  I'll probably  make a size 4, and give it to my niece on her birthday.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow days make me productive........

but I'm ready to go back to school.  School let out December 20 for Christmas Break.  That is 2 1/2 weeks we have been home.  For most of the time, that has been me, Axelgirl, and Axeldad.  Axeldad has worked 3 of those days.  I hope tomorrow isn't a snow day.

Since Sunday, I have finished all 5 of my to do items.  I have a bunch of UFO's that have no recipient that I am going to be working on as well.  Since one of my goals is to use up stash, I plan to work on those as well.  I also want to start going to Spirit of St. Louis Smocking Guild meetings again.

What I have completed:

The sewing room has been picked up and organized.  Not 100% perfect but better than it was.  Now to work on the closet.  Anyone want to come help?

Mending is caught up.  I sewed a button back on a pair of pants and repaired one of Axelgirls sweater dresses.

Christmas Present/Skating Dress for Mini Axelgirl.  Loosely based on Kwik Sew 2178.  I changed the front to color blocking, and redrafted the skirt and waistline.  This was made to match one of the doll skating dresses she received for Christmas.  The fabric is from stash, and is an orchid lycra, and holographic silver on white, bodice is lined with white lycra.

I constructed 7 Wee Care gowns that were already smocked.  These are all from the Grady Gown pattern.

Finished up a Hello Kitty hat that was crocheted.  All it needed were the eyes, nose and whiskers.  It took less than an evening.  I'd love to know why I get projects to a certain point, and then let them sit, when it just takes an hour or two to finish them up.  Here is the pattern I used. I'm not sure which will get more wear, this or the Tardis (Dr. Who) one completed earlier.

Last was a robe for Axelgirl.  This was the biggest project, as it wasn't finishing up something that was already started.  For the pattern, I used Simplicity 5931. She measured a medium, I made a small, and I think and Xsmall would have worked as well.  The sleeves are too long, and I offered to shorten them, but she says she likes it that way. As always, I did things a little different.  The pattern calls for the robe to be made of all one fabric.  Instead I used terry cloth for the main part, then Ultra Cuddle for the lapels and pockets.  I also changed the way the belt-loops were sewn in.  The pattern called for them to be sewn in the side seam, running horizontally.  Instead I sewed them in the 'normal' way, vertically, just to the back of the side seam.  I left out the interfacing, as my fabric was sturdier than those called for in the pattern, and thought it would make it too stiff.  Next time I would also add ribbon ties one to hold the inside tied together.  I may go ahead and add that to this one.  I will say, I am jealous of this robe, and am seriously considering making one for myself.

My next top 5 are:

  1. Finish embroidery on Le Jardin Needlebook cover.  I want to do this and the pin cushion, then have framed to go with the Sewing box cover that is being framed right now.
  2. Prepare 5 Wee Care gowns for smocking or embroidery
  3. Make pinafore to go with Doll dress that is constructed.  Embroidery is already done, I just need to construct the pinafore.  This is one of those very old UFO's.
  4. Construct BSY that is already smocked.  A UFO about 2-3 years old, with no one to wear.  I'll probably make it a size 4, and consider giving it to my niece for her birthday.
  5. Pillow Covers for living room.  As stated in a previous post, I don't like the pillows as they came with the couch, and would like to add more color.  I am in the minority for this, but if I make removeable covers and they don't work well, it is an easy solution.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Maybe a few days late, but oh well.

My sewing resolutions for the new year are pretty simple.

  1. To try and find time to sew three or four days a week.  
  2. To use up more fabric than I buy. Not sure how to do this one, as a lot of my fabric is childrens fabric.
  3. To make more Wee Care gowns, and try other styles besides the Grady Gown.
  4. To sew more for me.
  5. To finish up kits and class projects that I already have.
  6. To do a better job of keeping track of projects I have completed.
There may be a few more, but they probably all fall into one of these categories.

What have I accomplished this week:

The primary one is I finished is the second set of guard flags.  This set consisted of 14 flags.  Like the other set I can't show pictures until after the first show later this month.

I also did some ME for me.  I had 2 sweatshirts, and a long sleeve t-shirt that I had purchased a while back that I decided to take care of.  I was prompted by the fact that all of my sweatshirts are mom sweatshirts.  Track mom, Guard mom, Skate mom.  Colors are a little off (maybe way off) in the following pictures.

Embroidery design from Crazy for Paisley.  T-shirt color is actually a purple heather color, the yellows aren't so bright, and just overall look better together.
 This is another one from Designs by Juju.  Shirt background is actually a raspberry heather, and embroidery is primarily purples and pinks.

Again from www.designsbyjuju.  This is their Bean Stitch Circular Monogram.  I really like the look of monogrammed things that I am seeing on pinterest, but it does not appear to be really popular here currently.

I also finished smocking two wee cares.  I still need to finish construction on them.  No particular design followed.  Just sort of what evolved while I was stitching.  I really need to work on my bullions.  The ones shown are done in a variegated floss.

 We purchased new couches about 2 months ago.  I do not like the pillows that came with it.  Below is some fabric I am considering from JoAnns to recover the pillows.  I haven't decided for sure yet, but I know I want something brighter than what came with the couch.  I will make them as slip-covers so they are removable and washable.

Our Christmas Break has been extended by at least one day.  I'm hoping to do some cleanup and organization of the sewing room before doing much else.  Hopefully I can start on this tomorrow.

My next top 5 projects are, subject to change of course....
  1. Christmas Present/Skating Dress for Mini Axelgirl
  2. Construct WeeCares that are smocked
  3. Mending
  4. Finish Crochet Hello Kitty hat for Axelgirl
  5. Robe for Axelgirl