Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Maybe a few days late, but oh well.

My sewing resolutions for the new year are pretty simple.

  1. To try and find time to sew three or four days a week.  
  2. To use up more fabric than I buy. Not sure how to do this one, as a lot of my fabric is childrens fabric.
  3. To make more Wee Care gowns, and try other styles besides the Grady Gown.
  4. To sew more for me.
  5. To finish up kits and class projects that I already have.
  6. To do a better job of keeping track of projects I have completed.
There may be a few more, but they probably all fall into one of these categories.

What have I accomplished this week:

The primary one is I finished is the second set of guard flags.  This set consisted of 14 flags.  Like the other set I can't show pictures until after the first show later this month.

I also did some ME for me.  I had 2 sweatshirts, and a long sleeve t-shirt that I had purchased a while back that I decided to take care of.  I was prompted by the fact that all of my sweatshirts are mom sweatshirts.  Track mom, Guard mom, Skate mom.  Colors are a little off (maybe way off) in the following pictures.

Embroidery design from Crazy for Paisley.  T-shirt color is actually a purple heather color, the yellows aren't so bright, and just overall look better together.
 This is another one from Designs by Juju.  Shirt background is actually a raspberry heather, and embroidery is primarily purples and pinks.

Again from www.designsbyjuju.  This is their Bean Stitch Circular Monogram.  I really like the look of monogrammed things that I am seeing on pinterest, but it does not appear to be really popular here currently.

I also finished smocking two wee cares.  I still need to finish construction on them.  No particular design followed.  Just sort of what evolved while I was stitching.  I really need to work on my bullions.  The ones shown are done in a variegated floss.

 We purchased new couches about 2 months ago.  I do not like the pillows that came with it.  Below is some fabric I am considering from JoAnns to recover the pillows.  I haven't decided for sure yet, but I know I want something brighter than what came with the couch.  I will make them as slip-covers so they are removable and washable.

Our Christmas Break has been extended by at least one day.  I'm hoping to do some cleanup and organization of the sewing room before doing much else.  Hopefully I can start on this tomorrow.

My next top 5 projects are, subject to change of course....
  1. Christmas Present/Skating Dress for Mini Axelgirl
  2. Construct WeeCares that are smocked
  3. Mending
  4. Finish Crochet Hello Kitty hat for Axelgirl
  5. Robe for Axelgirl

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