Sunday, January 19, 2014

PIllow Covers for the great room

What a quick and easy project.  Our new sectional and chair came with 5 pillows.  I really didn't like the pattern on them, but it was right before Thanksgiving, and I really didn't have time to mess with it.  I think total I spent about 3 hours and $30 on the project.  I am not 100% sure I like the fabric as much as I thought, but it will be an easy change out if I decide to change them again.  Plus I'm thinking I may make some Christmas ones for next year, since I made them removable.  Machine embroidery, velvet, novelty prints, or probably just a mix of ideas, but I'll worry about that closer to Christmas, no need to plan ahead.  Well maybe I can plan, but Idefinately don't have to start on them yet, there's plenty of time.

Here are the original pillows. No this is not a black and white photo.  Not only did I not care for the print, it was too monochromatic.  The couch is a medium dark mushroom gray, not quite grey, but not brown either:
 This is a picture we already had in there that I was trying to work with.  I couldn't find fabric in the colors I wanted.  I thought what I bought would match better, but the blues in the fabric is more dominant than I thought, and there is no blue in the picture.  I would love to find a fabric that incorporates the purple/magentas but no luck yet.
 Here is one of the finished pillow covers on.  Not the best match, but I do like them better than what we had.  One thing I would change is I did not line them.  Even thought it is decorator fabric, because of the light background, it could have been lined.  On a positive note, they can come off and be machine washed, unlike the ones that came with it.  I'll keep looking for better fabric, but until then, I like these better.

My next top 5 items are:
  1. Embroidery on Le Jardin Pin Cushion.  I started this last night, but need to redo.  I placed the design to close to the edge.  Once this is complete I will have it and the needle book cover framed and display with the Sewing Box Cover from a previous post.
  2. A robe for me. I have purchased supplies and just need to pick a day to do it.  It will be baby blue terrycloth, with the lapels in a pastel seersucker I have.
  3. Nightgown or pj pants from the seersucker fabric to match the robe.  I need to see if I have enough fabric, but I thought it would be fun to have a 'matching' set.
  4. Make a pinafore to go with a doll dress that is constructed.  I need to see if a pattern is available commercially, or I will be drafting one.
  5. Construct a BSY that is already smocked.  It is a  UFO about 2-3 years old with no one to wear it anymore.  I'll probably make a size 4, and give it to my niece on her birthday.

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