Saturday, January 18, 2014

A few things done

What I have accomplished since my last post.

I picked up my framed Le Jardin Sewing Box Cover.  Here it is below.  I chose a simple white frame, and an olive green bottom mat with a purple top mat.  Pictures aren't all that great but here it is.

I have prepared 7 Wee Care items for smocking or embroidery.  2 Grady Gowns, 2 Ginger Snap Raglan Sleeve gowns with bias neckline, 2 Ginger Snap Raglan Sleeve gowns modified to fasten with a drawstring, 1 Ginger Snaps Kimono Sleeve Gown. Some already have some embroidery started from earlier this summer.   I also found a bonnet, most likely from a Saga Convention making a total of 8 Wee Care items to work on.

I've also finished the embroidery on the Le Jardin Needlecase.  Once I finish the pin cushion, I will have both framed, and hang next to the Sewing Box Cover.

My next top 5 include:

  1. Embroidery on Le Jardin Pin Cushion.  Once this is complete, I will have it framed and display with the Sewing Box Cover above.
  2. A robe for me.  I have purchased supplies, and just need to pick a day to do it.  It will be baby blue terrycloth, with the lapels in a pastel seersucker I have.
  3. Pillow covers for living room.   I just need to do it.  I really don't like the pillows that came with the sofa, but Axelgirl and Axeldaddy don't like the fabric I purchased.
  4. Make a pinafore to go with the doll dress that is constructed.  I pulled it out earlier this week to work on, but did not have a pattern.  I need to see if one is available, if not, I will be drafting one.
  5. Construct a BSY that is already smocked.  A UFO about 2-3 years old with no one to wear it anymore.  I'll probably  make a size 4, and give it to my niece on her birthday.

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