Monday, February 24, 2014

For the heartbreakers....

First I have to brag on the Francis Howell North Winter Guard.  They were excellent this weekend at the WGI regional in Indy.  They came in second in Prelims and tied for first in finals in the Scholastic Open category.  They are currently ranked 3rd in the nation in their category.  For anyone curious as to what Winter Guard is all about, I suggest going to Youtube and searching on it.  Here is a video showing clips from the World Championships 2 years ago.  Here are the WGI Indy Regional Co-Champions.  Axelgirl is in the front row with the seniors an the right.

Because we were out of town this weekend, I didn't get much sewing done.  I did just finish up the 12 key chain pouches.  They were from here, but I made some changes.  Heart In the hoop key chain/coin purse

Each one of these took about 20 minutes total.  I had mistakes on about 5 of them that I needed to redo.  While they can be made from scraps, I used the fabric that I have been using for the other items.  The expensive part is the zipper, especially when you have to remake, so I recommend taking care to not rush and follow the directions.   My biggest problem was remembering to open up the zipper before stitching on the backing.  The total time included ripping out stabilizer cutting and turning.  I am thinking you could water soluble stabilizer and soak them if you have the time.  You will see I also added a ribbon loop and key ring to these.  This is not part of the original design,  In order to do this, here is what I did.  Before the last two colors are stitched (applying the backing), take a piece of ribbon, folded over holding it over the right side of the zipper.  Stitch a few stitches of the next to last color, stop, and return to the beginning of that color, place the backing and lining fabrics on, and stitch as usual.  After turning, put key ring on ribbon.

Last week I also received my Valentines gift from Axeldad. It was enough of this Liberty of London to make myself a nightgown.  He purchased it from  Now I need to decide on a pattern, and stitch it out.  I am thinking I will do smocked but am not sure of the colors and design to use.
Liberty Of London Tana Lawn Toria Pink

My next top 5 items are:

  1. Tissue Holders for Cincinatti Regional on 3/15
  2. WGI Worlds goody bag item for 4/2
  3. Construct a BSY that is already smocked.  My niece will be here hopefully in June, so I would like to have it for her then.
  4. Pinafore for a doll dress that is already finished.
  5. Nightgown for me

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I can have a clean house or I can sew.......

.....this week I chose sewing.  I actually accomplished quite a few things on my to do list

First was a large tote bag to put the flip flops in while the guard was competing.  My bad, I didn't take a picture of it before dropping it off.  Fabric was the same gray and lavender swirly heart fabric as the tote bags.  It was an extremely large bag, using a piece about 44X44 to start with.  I made it from a combination of online tutorials.  Grey on outside, lavender on inside and handles, bulked up with fusible fleece.

I also completed hemming 3 pairs of pants for a teachers son.  Nothing exciting for pictures there.

Next was a drawstring tote for Axeldaddy to keep his bowling shoes in.  Quick and Easy projects were the theme the first part of the week.  I added a ME bowling design from and his name.

I did a Valentines lanyard for me.  Another quick and easy project.  Fabric is from Hancock's and is an allover print of conversation hearts.

Last but not least was a bigger project.  I completed 12 of these pillowcases, each with a guard members name for the goody bags for the regional in Indianapolis next weekend.  Fabric is the same that was used for the drawstring backpacks and the tote bag mentioned above.  This was a time consuming project, but I was able to do it in 30 minute chunks here and there because of the type of project it was.  Unrequited is the name of the show, and they perform to a custom recording of I'll Always Love You.  In Prelims they scored 72.1.  Finals are later tonight.  We will be heading out shortly for that.

As I stated in the beginning, I can have a clean house or sew.  This week I chose sewing, along with a campus visit with Axelgirl to UCM in Warrensburg Missouri.  Needless to say, my house isn't clean.  Guess I will be doing that tomorrow and Monday.

My next top 5 are:

  1. Key Chain pouches for KC Regional on 3/8
  2. Tissue Holders for Cincinatti Regional on 3/15
  3. WGI Worlds goody bag item 4/2
  4. Construct a BSY that is already smocked.  My niece will be here in June hopefully so I would like for her to get it then
  5. Pinafore for doll dress that is already finished.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Nothing to report :(

I'm trying to make a habit of updating every Sunday.  This week there is really nothing to report.  I did start crocheting a new dishcloth and some embroidery on a wee care, but that is it.

My top 5 items have changed a bit, I think it is top 8 now.  Here they are:

  1. Valentines day lanyard for me.
  2. Hem 3 pairs of pants for a teachers son.
  3. Make Axeldad a bag to put his bowling shoes in, including machine embroidery
  4. Tote bag for guard due 2/15
  5. Pillow cases for Indy regional 2/22
  6. Key chain pouches for KC regional 3/8
  7. Tissue holders for Cincinatti Regional 3/15
  8. WGI Worlds goody bag item 4/2 Undecided

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Today is another snow day.....

So I figured I would catch up here.

Not much sewing has been going on.  Too many other things.

I did finish up 3 Wee Care that were just waiting on smocking/embroidery/etc.

Smocking design for this one is based on Ellen McCarn Allison Leigh:

 Hard to see on this one as the embroidery is white on white.  At the neckline is a cross and flowers, flowers and vines are on the hem.  This one just needed the bias whipped down.  I had done the embroidery a while back before construction, and had constructed it when I did the rest of them.  I prefer to do the embroidery after construction, for better placement.  My hem seam goes through part of the bottom embroidery, and I think the top embroidery is a little too close to the bias.

Third is another Ginger Snaps gown.  I did 3 bullion butterflies from the A-Z of bullions book down the center front.

Today, I took advantage of the snow day, before I go back out to shovel snow, and made myself a pair of pj pants.  Everything is from stash.  Pattern used is Simpicity 1762, which seems to run a bit small.  Hopefully they will fit better shortly as I am down 7 1/2 pounds so far since the beginning of the year.  Fabric is a flannel with a sewing themed design that I have had for many years, piping is some Suzy's ready to smock piping I had stashed.  Elastic is actually blue, but it is what I had, and I wasn't going out for some.

My next top 5 have changed a bit.  It is starting to be travel season for Winter Guard, and we do goody bags for each out of town competition.  I try to make things, but it is hard, since we have one guy on the team.

The top 5 are:

  1. Hem 3 pairs of pants for a teachers son.  I promised her I would do this after Christmas.
  2. Tote bag for guard.  Needs to be completed by 2/15  I am considering using this pattern.
  3. Goody bag item for Indy regional 2/22-probably pillowcases
  4. Goody bag item for Kansas City Regional  3/8  probably these heartfeatured600  or possibly the circle one as the fabric will already have hearts on it
  5. Goody bag item for Cincinatti Regional  3/15  probably tissue holders
  6. Goody bag item for WGI worlds 4/2  undecided
Does anyone notice a theme here.  All of the sewing is for someone else.  I will probably keep some Wee Care or crochet items upstairs by my chair, and will share that as completed as well.  All guard items will be in the same purple print  and grey fabric as the drawstring bags.