Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Not much to report

I did finish the tissue covers, but forgot to take a picture before I sent them on.  I will try and get a picture of Axelgirl's when she brings it home this weekend.

I have also decided on what to do for the WGI Worlds goody bag item for 4/2.  I am making photo album covers based on these, to go along with their theme.  In the hoop photo album cover  They will be gray with the oval out of the lavender I have been using, and the name of their show "Unrequited" embroidered in the oval.  Another mom is going to help out with the pictures.  I am about 75% done, this time I am making 17 so that the coaches get one for a keepsake as well.  All I need to do is finish turning them right side out and press.  I'm really liking these for small personalized gifts and have a few others planned.  Spring Break starts Thursday (yeah!), so hopefully I will get some sewing time in.

My next top items are:

  1. Photo Albums for WGI Worlds goody bag
  2. Competition dress for Mini Axel girl
  3. Baby gift (photo album, and bib/burprag set) for Axelgirls coach
  4. Photo album for my cousin who just found out she will be a grandma for the first time
  5. Construct a BSY that is already smocked.  This will be for my niece's birthday
  6. Pinafore for a doll dress that is already finished
  7. Nightgown for me

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