Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Skating dress for Mini-Axelgirl

Mini Axelgirl is competing in her first USFS competition at the end of the month.  She needed a new routine for that which means a new skating dress as well.

Coach sent her mom some ideas of dresses that she liked on line, then I met with her mom to figure out what needed to be done.  Below is the dress we came up with, without stones.  Her mom will do the crystals and then I will get another picture back.  I will probably shirr up the side of the skirt, but need to see it on her first before I decide for sure.

I have also finished the photo albums but will wait to share pictures, just in case anyone reads this.  Another mom is helping to supply the photos so that is nice.

My next top items are:
  1. Baby gift (photo album, and bib burprag set) for one of Axelgirl's coaches
  2. Photo album for my cousin who just found out she will be a grandma for the first time
  3. Construct a BSY that is already smocked.  This will be for my nieces birthday
  4. Pinafore for a doll dress that is already finished
  5. Nightgown for me
And as always, I have Wee Care that I can be working on

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