Saturday, July 5, 2014

And the theme is Ariel

As mentioned in an earlier post, my niece turned 4 this week.  Axelgirl and I decided to go with a Mermaid/Ariel theme for her presents this year.  Of course there was a purchased toy to go with it, but I made her two dresses and coordinating doll dresses to go with this theme.

First is a Childrens Corner Frannie.  Both fabrics are from Joanns, outer is a novelty cotton print with mermaids in bubbles, and it is lined with their broadcoth in hot pink.  The coordinating doll dress is from Joan Hinds book Sew Todays Fashions for 18 Inch Dolls.  It is the denim dress with butterflies, without the bottom ruffle.  I forgot to buy extra fabric for this so was woring with scraps.  I had intended to add extra width under the arms and gather it in to resemble the Frannie but my scraps were to narrow.  I should have lengthened the dress as well.  It will be fine on her Bitty Baby but as she gets other dolls, it may be too short.

Next is a Childrens Corner Mary De smocked with Crosseyed Crickets Mermaid Playground.  I changed the colors to match Ariel and Flounder.  For the doll dress I just scattered 'Flounders' at various positions in the smocking.  The Doll pattern is from Children's Corner Dolly Wardrobe.  I always forget that the smocking starts lower on the doll Mary De as compared to the Childs version.  This would be an easy redraft if I would remember it early enough in the process. Fabric again is from Joanns but it pleated and smocked wonderfully.

Now I'm down to 9 things on my list.  I'm thinking this afternoon I will spend some time picking up and organizing, and maybe cut down the tshirts a bit for the quilt.
  1. Adorable Heirlooms Sew Along.  I'd like to have the pattern traced by July 14
  2. Tshirt quilt.  Just need to do it in small steps.  Not something that can be finished at once.
  3. One piece pjs for Axelgirl
  4. Matching doll dress for MiniAxelgirls last skating dress.  I am going to try and have it done by her competition on July 19.
  5. Hem a skating dress for Axelgirl, needs to be done by July 18
  6. Nightgown for me
  7. Finish Wee Care Gown 1
  8. Finish Wee Care Gown 2
  9. Get sewing room in decent shape, including closet, and returning guard flag fabric and patterns to school.

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