Friday, July 4, 2014

Draw String Bag

This evening I worked on the drawstring bag I had promised Axelgirl.  I used the instructions I had written up here.  Draw String Bag Tutorial The only differences were I was making just one, I put the embroidery embellishment on the main color of fabric, and did not have the small strip of accent color.  This took about 1 1/2 hours for the completion of one bag.  Fabric is quilting cotton from Joanns.

Close up of embroidery design.  Design is from here: Color Guard Embroidery Design   I used the 5X7 .pes format, and did all of the embroidery in black, as her school colors are Red/White/Black.

I'm just going to make it my top 10, and then narrow it down to 5.  Hopefully I can get a few things finished up and stay on top of things.

  1. Finish niece's birthday present.  They are pretty much done, just need a good ironing and to be shipped off.
  2. Stay on time for the Adorable Heirlooms Sew Along.  I'd like to have the pattern traced by July 14
  3. Tshirt quilt for Axelgirl.  She has picked out the tshirts she wants, now to just do it.  Definately not an evening project
  4. One piece pajamas for Axelgirl
  5. Matching doll dress for MiniAxelgirls last skating dress.  I decided tonight to try to have it done by her competition on July 19.
  6. Hem a skating dress for Axelgirl.  I actually purchased one, thinking she would get several uses out of it, but it looks like there will be just one.  Needs to be done by July 18
  7. Nightgown for me
  8. Finish Wee Care gown 1
  9. Finish Wee Care gown 2
  10. Get the sewing room in decent shape, not perfect, and get some of the old guard flag fabric back up to the school.

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