Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A few finished projects

I haven't updated in a few months, as I really haven't been sewing.  I had two projects I was working on, that were pretty labor intensive.

First was a tshirt quilt for Axelgirl.  There are 48 tshirts on this quilt.  It is the width of a full size, and the length of a king.  The tshirts are interfaced with cheap Joanns interfacing before construction, and the sashing is plain cotton.  I would estimate about 200 hours in this project.

Next was Sky Blue by Gail Doane from her book Sew Cute Couture.  I did it in the fabrics as pictured in the book.  I made it for MiniAxelgirl, and made a size 8, but it may be a tad big.  I didn't get to see it on her tonight. I did do the flowers on the collar with an extra thread to make them heavier.  I didn't like how they looked as the book told me to do it.  The dress took longer than usual to construct, do to the faggoting and a few other things.

My next top projects are:

  1. Skating dress for MiniAxelgirls first USFS test.  Fabric is ordered, and the style is pretty straightforward.  Just need to redraft the pattern, as she has grown since last Christmas
  2. Christmas present for my neice.  I am using Janet Gilberts Snow Queen smocking plate, and she will be getting the Ice Skating Elsa doll as well
  3. ME a tshirt for my nephew with a Christmas theme.
  4. Pink Fig Vintage Jane dress in Christmas prints for my neice
  5. Skating pants for MIni Axelgirl

Other thoughts include, matching doll dress for MiniAxelgirls last competition dress, matching doll dress for MiniAxelgirls test dress, night gown for me, wee care gowns, and who knows what other projects