Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review

Based on what I have in my blog, and a few things I remember doing but not documenting, I have completed 139 pieces in 2014.  I wonder how 2015 will compare.

Here is the breakdown

Guard Flags-14

Machine Embroidery Projects-49
     This can include anything from a quick easy stitch out, to something more complicated like the coin purses I did for the guard.

Smocking/Embroidery on Wee Care gowns-5

Construction of Wee Care Gowns, does not include smocking or embroidery-14

Construction projects, does not include smocked items, may be clothing, pillowcases, skate dresses, etc, some projects also had Machine Embroidery but are not counted in that total.  Also does not include doll sized items.-30

Smocked Construction-3

Crochet -3

Hand Embroidery-2


Doll Clothes-7

Quilt, width of a double, length of a king, hand quilted-1

Not sure what my big projects are going to be this year.  I don't have to make flags anymore, won't be making things for the guard goody bags. So I need to think about what I want to do.  Maybe practice my technique on doll clothes, more Wee Care for sure. I'd love to be able to make patterns fit me, but I'm hoping to loose some weight first.  Finish up my kits from previous classes?  Who knows.

For now, my next top 5  are

  1. Finish practice dress and matching doll dress for Mini Axelgirl.  Her mom bought the fabric about 2 months ago, so I really need to get it done.
  2. Construct nightgown for me that is already smocked.
  3. Alterations/Mending that need to be done
  4. Finish up Wee Care projects that I have.
  5. Find things to ME.  I switched to Embird about 2 weeks ago, and haven't had much chance to use it.  The computer I was previously using with out of date software finally died, and I had to do something about it.  Axeldaddy had been pushing me to make a decision for a while, so hopefully this will work out.

Happy New Year

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