Sunday, January 4, 2015

Starting the year off strong.

Since the new year, I have accomplished a few things.  Of course, I expect that level of productivity to go away when I go back to work tomorrow.  Because I am not sewing for guard goody bags, or flags anymore, I will not have those deadlines to motivate me, or cause me to get as much done.

Several things were quick and easy finish up something that was already started, and a few were new projects.

One of the new projects was a machine embroidery hoody for Axelgirl.  The embroidery design was from SewCuteDigiDesigns  I was pretty happy with how it stitched out.  Confetti dot looks nice for applique, but it is a pain to trim.  Hoodie was from Joanns.  Axelgirls school colors are red and black so we did the design to match that.

I finished up a skating dress for MiniAxelgirl and her doll.  I had started this last year, and just had to do the straps.  Pattern is one I drafted myself, using the Kwik Sew patterns to get the basic size and shape of the leotard and sleeve.

Doll dress to match girls skating dress.  Again I used the Lee and Pearl 1055 for the basic shape, then made the necessary bodice changes to match the girls dress.
Axelgirl got new pjs.  First is a ME top with everyones favorite snowman, Olaf.  Embroidery design is from mysewcuteboutique  Other than being a little lower than I would like on the tshirt (operator error) I am happy with how it sewed out.

The t-shirt was to go with a pair of Olaf fleece pj pants.  I found the fleece at Joanns.  Pattern was Simpicity 1520, with buttonholes added at the front for drawstrings.
I got new PJ's too.  Pants pattern is 3971.  I had to make some adjustments so I was happy with the fit.  Lets just say I'm not a standard pattern size.

The top is Simplicity 8922, which I believe is out of print.

This is another hoodie for Axelgirl.  The design is from justsewpretty,  This is the third time I have made this design,   Once for her, and once for me with it saying color guard mom.  I had forgotten what an act of love trimming the letters from confetti dot was on the applique and how much it shredded the thread.  It probably took over 3 hours this afternoon to do the design.  But, I know it will get used.

3 crochet pot holders that were in various states of completion that I finished up.

My next top 5 include:
  1. 3 new lanyards for work
  2. Skating pants for mini axelgirl
  3. Nightgown for me
  4. Curtain for sidelight in great room
  5. Smock 1 wee care gown I have downstairs.